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04 Apr 2016
Makeup for Oily Skin
Mattify Cosmetics is the one-stop-shop for products for shiny skin! We provide an array of items, including mineral makeup for oily skin, to continuously absorb unsightly oil. Our powder based products contain kaolin clay - which absorbs an astonishing 3x the weight in oil, to stop oily skin from ruining your makeup.

Matte Makeup
Select from our line of 100% dust products, including: Mattify Transparent Powder for greasy Skin, Longer lasting Mineral Blush, Mattify Tinted Mineral Makeup for greasy Skin, Mattify �Conceal-Zit� Concealer for Acne Prone Skin, Strobing Highlighter, Contouring Matte Bronzer, and Longer lasting Eye Shadow with Internal Primer.

Our new gas based products help heal acne and encourage skin...